Monday, March 23, 2015

Frida Kahlo's presence in fashion

      Frida Kahlo was a famous mexican painter who lived between 1907 and 1954 and is well known for her self-portraits. The mexican traditions and culture and important in her paintings and that's why her work has been celebrated in Mexico as emblematic of national and indigenous traditions. Another important aspect about her life is that she suffered health problems her entire life, so she spent most of her life motionless at her home.

Portrait of Frida Kahlo wearing a Chiapaneca dress

  Frida Kahlo has been the inspiration for many designers who wants to portrayed her in their collections. One example is Riccardo Tisci, the head designer of Givenchy, who in the fall of 2010 created a collection inspired in this traditional mexican character. 

Givenchy's dress inspired in Frida Kahlo's spinal pain

   Ricardo Tisci said his collection was inspired by Frida Kahlo and her three obsessions: religion, sensuality and human anatomy. The colors of the collection are mostly white and cream trying to represent the colors of human bones. 

Dresses from the Givenchy Fall 2010 collection

There is no doubt that this dress represent the Frida Kahlo's paintings, and therefore they are a good symbol of the rich mexican culture

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