Tuesday, March 24, 2015

CHEONGSAM: The Western Designer Anoushka G

Established in 2001, Anoushka G is a British brand that specialized in bridal gowns. Some of the bridal gowns from the collections are heavily influenced by the Chinese Cheongsam. 

An Anoushka G Wedding Gown
Modern Cheongsam
The designer incorporated some elements of the Cheongsam into the wedding gown, such as the sleeves and the modest neckline. 

An Anoushka G Wedding Gown
Cheongsam with slit
A cheongsam is also famous for its high slit, which isn't really that revealing until the modernization of the cheongsam. 

The modernization of the cheongsam was brought about when people of China start consulting the West to overturn the tradition. It is also the case that the cheongsam brought about many ideas and inspiration for the designers of the west, or even from the middle east countries. 

One thing we can be sure is that Asian designers incorporate other elements of other fashion into the cheongsam while the Western designers incorporate the cheongsam in their westernized fashion in the most subtle way. 

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